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The Best Damn Bloody Ever.

The first glass of Chief’s Bloody Mary was mixed in 2001 when Waddy’s Bar & Grill opened in Hudson, SD. What started as a few glasses of Bloody Mary’s on Sunday afternoons has turned into a retail manufacturing facility.

In 2001, Chief started working behind the bar on Sundays mixing up his secret Bloody Mary recipe. Chief’s Bloody Mary Sunday Funday continued for years and is still a South Dakota Tradition to this day at Waddy's Bar & Grill! As popularity continued to grow, the specialty mix was offered off-sale.

Over the years, customers have continued to boast about the Best. Damn. Bloody. Ever. Demand for Chief’s Bloody Mary Mix reached an all-time high between 2019-2021 which led to a retail manufacturing facility officially launching in May of 2022. Every batch is still handmade as distribution continues to reach across the Midwest! 

Chief’s Bloody Mary Mix is not your traditional Bloody Mary Mix. It’s a signature blend of sauces and secret spices that fulfills all your taste buds’ needs and leaves you craving for more!

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